An Invitation to Service

Our parish models the Diocese of Baton Rouge stewardship mission seeking to create an environment where our parish family will embrace stewardship as a way of life by gratefully sharing time, talent, and treasure to the glory of God. All are invited to actively participate in the areas of Ministry, Finance and Prayer.

Stewardship of Ministry

True Service is Action Empowered by Faith

At every opportunity St. Thomas More will step up to serve others in need, recognize the potential in every person and make the community stronger through action empowered by faith. We want you to take action with us. Contact the parish office to find out where your help is needed.

Any adult (18 and older) wanting to volunteer with children on the St. Thomas More campus must fulfill the Child Protection Requirements as mandated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

Stewardship of Finance

Giving can go far.

From facility and grounds improvements to the campus to supporting our important ministries, your donation means more than money in the basket. It’s an actionable contribution to making our parish and the community that surrounds it a better place to live, a place we all call home.

Faith Direct makes donating easy. No more writing checks or searching for envelopes on the way out the door. Of course, enrollment is voluntary, but with Faith Direct, St. Thomas More Parish will gain predictable cash flow that will help us with planning our parish needs and programs. (Parish Code: LA554)

If you prefer to support St. Thomas More through offertory envelopes, please contact the church office at 225.275.3940. Or simply drop a check in the mail to us at 11441 Goodwood Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70815.

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Stewardship of Prayer

A commitment of time in prayer is essential in order to further develop our relationship with God. It enriches our life spiritually and is a testament of our faith. Through a personal commitment to prayer we are challenged to make prayer a priority over all the other activities that fill our lives. Daily prayer can lift us up, give our lives meaning and purpose, help us cope with life's ups and downs, and bring us joy and peace.

Word & Worship ministries

To Guide. To Inspire. To Serve.