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Eating Made Easy

Lunch at STM is an effortless affair. Before the school year gets started, make sure that your child's cafeteria account has sufficient funds. You can update your lunch funds or create an online account through My School Bucks. While you’re at it, take a look at this month’s menu below.

Students in grades 3-8 will have a lunch choice. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - pepperoni pizza; Tuesday and Thursday - baked potatoes

2021-22 School Meal Price  
2020-2021 School Lunch Application
2020-2021 Breakfast Menu

Visit School Bucks
Questions? Contact the STM cafeteria at (225) 275-4347 or email stmcafe@diobr.org.

Grades Preschool - Kindergarten: Carpool

For both morning and afternoon carpool, vehicles will line up on Sylvan Drive heading North (toward Sherbrook) and will turn into the carpool line through the gate between the preschool building and kindergarten building. To exit carpool, vehicles leave the drive by turning right onto Sherbrook.

Preschool-Kindergarten Carpool Map

Grades 1-4: Gym Carpool

For both morning and afternoon carpool, vehicles will line up on Parkwood Drive heading West (toward Sherwood Forest Blvd.) and will curve south onto Dartmoor Drive.

At the intersection of Dartmoor and Sherbrook, vehicles will proceed straight across Sherbrook and will immediately turn left into the school parking lot. Vehicles will form a line in front of the library and school office. Students will be called by a member of our team and will be assisted into the vehicles. To exit carpool, vehicles leave the parking lot in front of the gym turning right onto Sherbrook.

1-4 Carpool Map

Grades 5-8: Church Carpool

Vehicles will approach the school on Goodwood Blvd. heading toward Sherwood Forest. Vehicles should form a line down Goodwood in the bike lane to allow non-carpool traffic to pass. Vehicles will proceed past the athletic field/playground and will turn right into the church parking lot. With the field to your right, drive toward the 5th and 6th grade building to drop off or pick up. To exit carpool, drive through the parking lot toward Goodwood Blvd. with the church on your right. While still in the parking lot, turn right and drive past the church before turning left to exit the parking lot onto Goodwood Blvd. going west.

5-8 Carpool Map

STM Parent-Student Handbook 2021-2022

The STM Parent-Student Handbook serves as an official source of school policies and procedures. It provides parents of current students with information to assist and support the efforts and activities of their children. It provides parents of prospective students with information to guide them in the process of selecting a school for their children.

Parent-Student Handbook 2021-2022
Extended Care

Everything You Need to Know

Extended Care is available for all students before school in the mornings and after the school day has ended.
Registration fee for Extended Care is $50/student.
Click here for the fee schedule for the 2021-2022 school year.

2021-2022 Extended Care Registration Form
Payment Link

Morning Extended Care

  • 6:45 a.m. - 7:20 a.m. in Preschool Building for Preschool - 1st grade and the cafeteria for 2nd - 8th grade.
  • Students should be dropped off in the church parking lot between the cafeteria and the Activity Center for 2nd - 8th grade.
  • Breakfast is available for purchase.

Afternoon Extended Care

  • 2:45 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. in the Preschool Building for Preschool - 1st grade and 5th and 6th Grade Building for 2nd - 8th grade.
  • Snacks are available to students. 
  • For Preschool - 1st pickup, please park in front of the preschool building, and enter through the double glass doors.
  • For 2nd - 8th pickup, please park on the south side of the school behind the church, and enter the 5th and 6th Grade building on the southwest corner near the large oak trees.

STM Counselors are Committed to Student Success

Our guidance counselors are Ms. Erin Jewell, who works with students in grades K-3, and Mrs. Ann DeJean, who works with students in grades 4-8. Our counselors are responsible for scheduling all conferences. 

Please feel free to contact the appropriate counselor if a conference with a teacher is desired. You can contact our Counselors by calling the Guidance Office at (225) 275-2820 or at jewelle@stmbr.org or annd@stmbr.org.


Offering So Much More Than Just Books

Our child-centered library is for all students to enjoy. The library is open all day to the students to check out books, use the sixteen computers for classwork, look up a book, take Accelerated Reader tests and more. With thirty computers in the lab and over 11,000 books in our library, we have so much to offer. You can contact our Librarian, Sara Wisdom (wisdoms@stmbr.org).
Book Fair link: www.scholastic.com/bf/stmbr

Summer Reading Lists
Library Wish Lists
Online Catalogue

Accelerated Reader (AR)

The Accelerated Reader program allows students in grades 3rd-6th the opportunity to practice and enhance their reading skills including comprehension and speed. Students will be expected to earn points by reading books and taking a computerized test each nine weeks. Students meeting their required point goal for the nine-week period will earn alternate dress and admission to “spend” their points in our AR store. Students earning 500 points or more will become members of the 500 point club and receive a medal and recognition at a ceremony.
Home Connect   Renaissance ID: STMS-50XS
AR Book Find

STAR Testing

STAR testing is part of the Accelerated Reading program used in many schools/districts across the United States to provide information about students’ reading abilities. The STAR test indicates the reading range in which the student has optimal comprehension without excessive frustration. The test will be administered five times per year (at the beginning of the year and at the end of each nine-week period), so we can track student progress.

Volunteering at STM


View requirements here

Important Medical Information and More

At STM, we’re blessed to have a full-time nurse, Mrs. Rochelle Bowman, RN. Students are allowed to visit her when they are not feeling well, to take doctor-prescribed medication, or if they hurt themselves on campus. She can be reached at rochelle@stmbr.org.

Attention 5th Grade Parents:  Louisiana requires booster shots after the 11th birthday. EVERY student will be required to provide an updated shot record to attend school in 6th Grade. Shots that are now REQUIRED for entry into 6th Grade are the following: Tdap, Varicella (second dose) and Meningococcal Vaccine (MCV-4). Tdap and MCV4 can not be given until AFTER the 11th birthday. The Varicella vaccine is not required if your child has had the chicken pox disease, but history of the disease must be noted on the shot record. Please make an appointment to get these vaccinations this school year. Shot records will be due July 1. Once your child has been vaccinated, please bring an updated shot record to First Aid.

Downloadable Medical Forms

STM Medication Policy
State Medication Order Form
Consent for Medication Administration
INC Form: required for any diagnosis
Cafeteria Form
Home and School Association

A Chance for Parents to Make an Impact

Home and School is dedicated to assisting the faculty and staff of Saint Thomas More Catholic School through volunteerism and major projects including: Mission Day, grandparents day, open house, teacher-resource committee and room mother assistance for our teachers.

Home and School Officers

  • President, Victoria Griffin - 225-278-9083
  • Vice President, Tracy Crow - 225-394-0152
  • Secretary, Michelle Fontenot - 225-485-2500
  • Treasurer, Kelly Forbes - 225-275-2820

Enhanced Learning Team

There are opportunities for you to interact with your children helping them learn through hands-on experiments and lessons. Please consider joining us while we help your child learn through experience.

Forms & Links

Community Coffee Cash for Schools Card Information
Community Coffee Cash for School Registration Information
Coke Rewards

To Guide. To Inspire. To Serve.