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Throughout the school year, Home & School asks parents to help on campus for various events. Volunteering your time is a great way to support our STM community, meet other parents, and get a glimpse into your child’s life at school. We know work schedules can be tough to schedule around, so we have provided a list of some of these volunteer opportunities below. Take a look and find something that you can work into your schedule. The excitement on your child’s face when they see their mom or dad at school will make you so glad you did!

Go to for information about STM Home and School events and committees, and to sign up as a volunteer.

Please note that to take advantage of these volunteer opportunities you must be Child Protection Certified.

Lindsey Guillot, President
Natalie Smith, Vice President
Kayla Pollet, Class Parent Coordinator
Allyson Gaspard, Board Member
Sara Wisdom, Faculty Board Member
Michelle Fontenot, Treasurer

2023-2024 Class Parents

We are so grateful for STM Class Parents for the 2023 – 2024 school year! Each grade level has class parent volunteers and you can find your child’s grade level class parents here. Class parents will be in touch throughout the year with opportunities for families to develop partnership roles in their child’s school life. For questions about class parents, contact Home & School Class Parent Coordinator Kayla Pollet.

Mission Day - October 19

Mission Day is a long-standing tradition for the students and faculty of STM. Every year in October, parents and faculty host a day of carnival-like games, fun and food, all to raise money for the charity of choice for the year. This is one of the biggest Home & School events of the school year and requires a large number of parent volunteers in various roles.

To volunteer on campus, you must complete Child Protection Certification. If you'd like to help from home, we have an Amazon Wishlist with items that help make Mission Day a success!

Wonderful Wednesdays

The first Wednesday of every month, (September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6, January 10, February 7, March 6, April 10 and May 1), children are able to wear their STM navy spirit shirts to school and receive a special snack at recess. Parent volunteers are needed to pop popcorn and distribute snacks to each grade during their recess time.

Enhanced Learning Days

Each grade level has a unique day of fun, hands-on learning during the school year. Parent volunteers are needed to assist the teachers with games, crafts, small groups, experiments, etc.

Dates for the 2023-24 school year specific to each grade may be found on the school calendar:
Kindergarten - 50th Day of School and 100th Day of School
1st grade - Simple Machines Day
2nd grade - Human Body Day
3rd grade - Colonial Day
4th grade - Spooky Science Day
5th grade - American History Day
6th grade - Ancient Greece Day
7th grade - Louisiana Day
8th grade - Pi Day

Book Fair - November 9-15

Every year, students have a chance to shop for new books through the Scholastic Book Fair, and each purchase supports STM. Volunteers are needed throughout the week to help set up and staff the store. Sign up link to come!

We love having our volunteers help with shopping and the registers! To volunteer on campus, you must complete Child Protection Certification.

Grandparents Day - November 10 (1st - 8th) and November 13 (PK and K)

A special day to celebrate our STM grandparents and invite them to spend time with their grandchild(ren) on campus. Parent volunteers are needed to help staff the event.

To volunteer on campus, you must complete Child Protection Certification.

Thankful Thursdays

A few special days throughout the year to bring a little happy to our teachers at STM. Parent volunteers are needed to provide treats and to set up in the teacher’s lounge before school. There will be a theme for each date. Grade-Level Coordinators will send out more details.

Dates, grade levels and themes for the 2023-24 school year are:
September 21 – Grades K and 8  –  Football/Kickoff to Fall
November 16 – Grades 1 and 7 –  Thanksgiving
December 14 – Grades 3 and 6 –  Christmas
February 1 – Grades 2 and 5 –  King Cake/Mardi Gras
March 21 – Grades PK and 4 – Spring

Our Mission Statement
St. Thomas More Catholic School is committed to continuing a legacy of excellence in religious and academic education in a nurturing environment that fosters self-discipline.