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Asian Club

The Asian Club was formed as a way for our students to gather and share the uniqueness of Asian culture with one another. We gather once a month before school in Mrs. Thuy To's classroom. The students learn traditions through crafts, discussions, taste testing, and much more! We also prepare for one of the most important holidays, Tet, which is Vietnamese New Year. Our students enjoy the opportunity to speak their native language with one another and to learn new words. Available for all ages. Mrs. Thuy To is the faculty moderator for the Asian Club.


5th-8th grade students are eligible to join our STM Band as their chosen elective. Band meets during enrichment time, and students have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and perform in seasonal concerts. Mrs. Ruth Linder is STM's Music teacher.

Beta Club

Beta Club is an academic honors program with a strong emphasis on leadership and community service open to our seventh and eighth graders. Students must have a 3.2 GPA to be invited to join. If the invitation is accepted, the member will attend a monthly service meeting to be held on Wednesday. We will communicate the theme for each meeting ahead of time. Each year we do service for our school, community, and nation. We participate in Operation Christmas Child each year by packing shoeboxes for children around the globe.

Mrs. Leigh Holder, Mrs. Tracy Gaspard, and Mrs. Sara Wisdom are the faculty moderators for BETA club.

CIA (Christians in Action)

CIA Club (Christians in Action) is a religious club whose mission is to spread spirituality throughout our school community through service. Some services provided by CIA members are retreat preparation, angel tree, posters, a candy sale, teacher appreciation breakfast, and prayer services. CIA provides Mass readers, ushers, and greeters and invites all 5th through 8th grade students to join and help bring Gospel values into our school community.

Ms. Christina Babin, Ms. Lisa Lively and Ms. Kristi Zimmerman are the faculty moderators for CIA.

Drama: Spotlight

Our drama program is separated into two age groups. Spotlight is for our 6th through 8th graders. They meet during the fall semester and put on a production in late fall. Spotlight Jr. is for our 3rd through 5th graders. They meet during our spring semester and perform their production in late spring. These productions include costumes, lights, and sounds.

Mrs. Jane Brown is our faculty sponsor for both spotlight programs.


Mathcounts teaches thinking strategies, creativity, and problem solving skills after school to 5th-8th graders. Students enjoy snacks, play math speed games, work individually and in groups, and most importantly, wrestle with challenging word problems which require close attention to detail.

The club meets every Thursday from last dismissal until 4:15p.m. in Room 18 of the Junior High Building. They also have four Saturday Mathcounts sessions planned where students will participate in a practice competition, eat pizza, and hangout at the Youth House.

Our top 10 mathematicians compete at LSU against 8-10 teams from other schools, both public and private. If we finish in the top three, four students will travel to Pineville, LA to compete in the state competition.

Mrs. Ann DeJean is our faculty moderator for Mathcounts.

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a Diocese of Baton Rouge competition in which the elementary and junior high schools compete in a one-day event that is based on the students' general knowledge in all the subject areas they study. The competition features four students from each school which the facilitator chooses based on their academic performance and conduct throughout the school year. 

Tryouts are also held to build the team. Each year one school hosts the event. The students practice each morning before school for six weeks before the competition. 

Shirley Newman and Reagan Snow are the STM facilitators for Quiz Bowl.


Showstoppers is our drama program for our 2nd and 3rd graders. They meet after school to review reading a script, spot marking, and acting out their show. They perform a production for family and friends without costumes during the spring semester.

Mrs. Lesley Cranow is our faculty moderator for Showstoppers.

Spanish Club

“¡Bienvenidos!” (Welcome!)

The purpose of the Saint Thomas More Spanish Club is to increase the use of Spanish language and cultural awareness through fun and educationally, interactive activities! Our motto is: “¡Somos familia!” ("We Are Family!") The Saint Thomas More Spanish Club is a place for 8th graders to have a great time exploring the wonderful language of Spanish. In crazy and fun-filled ways, we will take Spanish to higher levels while still targeting high school Spanish!

Señora Nicholson is our faculty sponsor for Spanish Club.

Student Council

The Student Council at St. Thomas More works to promote school spirit as well as service to the school, the church, and the community. Executive officers are elected at the beginning of the school year by the Junior High students after the candidates campaign and give speeches explaining their qualifications and desire to be elected. Eighth graders may run for President and Secretary and seventh graders may run for Vice President and Treasurer. Each Junior High homeroom also elects class officers to represent them in Student Council activities.

All Student Council members must maintain a 2.5 grade point average in their six academic subjects and a “B” average in conduct each nine weeks. The Student Council plans and sponsors events including a fall and spring pep rally, Halloween safety talks for younger students, and St. Nicholas Day activities. The members act as ambassadors for the school at events such as Grandparents’ Day and Open House. Student council also implemented and operates the recycling program for the school.

Mrs. Jo Samaha is the faculty moderator for Student Council.

Youth Legislature

Youth Legislature is a program hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Baton Rouge for middle school students to introduce them to the legislative process. The students write bills to present during their two day mock legislative session held in downtown Baton Rouge. Students may also run for office and elect their peers to Governor, Lt. Governor, and members of both the House and Senate.

Ms. Christina Babin and Mr. Troy Henderson are our Faculty Sponsors for Youth Legislature.

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